Fortune Feed Pitch

Public Utility

In order for my DA to operate in a feedback loop, I will not be relying on Youtube alone. In past experience it has not offered the best form of analytics so I will also be uploading my “fortune feast” to my cooking Instagram Needing a Feeding in order to gather two channels of feedback.

The public utility of my DA is based on two implications:

Short-term: To offer my audience recipes inspired by my research in order for them to also speculate about the future, or to encourage their current eating habits for the future.

Long-term: Provide an insight into my present context and how this affected my forecast of the future of eating.


Deloitte (2019) “The Future of Food” & “How COVID-19 is accelerating the food transformation”

Barilla CFN (2012) “Eating in 2030: Trends and Perspectives”

Tim Benton (2016) “What will we eat in 2030?”

Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr. (1996) “The Seven Beauties of Science Fiction”

14 thoughts on “Fortune Feed Pitch

  1. Caitlyn Perrine March 27, 2021 / 1:12 am

    Hi Bella, your concept of future foods is a great idea and I’m excited to see your final production as food is such an important aspect of life and I haven’t considered how it may differ in the future.

    Your topic links to week 2 of ‘Space Odysseys’ ( ) predictions of space food, and you could discuss how this was a false representation and why. Something I think you should definitely discuss is how the production process of food will change and if the future of technology or the environment will affect it. A couple articles I found that may help you to research this concept is:
    Environment –
    Technology –

    For your method of sharing your “fortune feed” recipes, I recommend you create a joint TikTok ( ) account and use hashtags including #fyp #foodlovers #foody as it will spread faster. This account will also gain attraction from people who aren’t already following you and hopefully build you a bigger audience. You should also link your YouTube channel in the bio.

    Excited follow you along this journey!!

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  2. Amy Dunn March 29, 2021 / 6:03 am

    Hey Bella this is a really good pitch! I like how you’ve used short examples of the type of content you will be making and it’s good that your using an existing DA as this will provide you with an audience to give you feedback straight. It could also be a good idea to share your content on relevant reddit and Facebook feeds to gain more insight.

    When looking towards to future of food TikTok would be a really good place to start as I believe it is the biggest social influence at the moment. While the app does have a lot of positive conversations about food it also has a lot of negative ones that are leading to an increase in eating disorders. It would be interesting to look at the trends of eating disorders and how they change peoples eating habits in the longer term. This Delish article talks about TikTok and Food:

    Additionally, when looking at the past it would be important to look at the upwards trend in food intolerances and allergies and think about what is causing them (e.g. over diagnosis or change in what and how much we eat). This article by the BBC is a good reference:

    Overall I really liked your pitch and look forward to seeing what you end up creating!

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  3. lorenafarreras March 29, 2021 / 11:18 am

    Hi Bella! I absolutely love your idea, and I like how you’re making use of a platform you already have to further extend the ideas you’re interested in! I think you’re definitely well versed in academic recourses and the background research you have shown is a great start. Social media is definitely the place to go for past, current and even future trends. Tiktok would be my suggested platform as it seems to be the forefront of many emerging trends (such as dalgona coffee) and has a huge reach and audience, and food tiktok would be a great recourse to dive in to. I also think it would be beneficial for you to extend your da and possibly provide shorter versions of your video essays or fortune feed on TikTok! Perhaps using this as prototypes for your final videos?

    The past influencing the future is a perfect subject from the lectures to reference in your research, but I also think you could link this topic to science fiction as well as fact. Doing a bit more research into films and novels predictions of future food or even space food would be interesting and give your da more dimension. Films like Back To The Future were known to be a little off on their predictions, but still give valuable insight into how the future could look, such as dehydrated pizza, indoor gardens and more. Also perhaps you could look at the food experience, for example in Back To The Future, themed restaurants, exercise and eat, cashiers through a screen. Here’s an article I found that discusses this in more depth.

    I also think the environment and health are 2 very important things to explore in your topic. As we run out of recourses and face overpopulation, what foods may become inexistent in the future and why? Documentaries are an excellent method to research this particular area, and will give you a different media of recourse. Cowspiracy and 2040 are two really good documentaries that link well to your topic. Another amazing film to watch is Okja, science fiction that aims to predict a possible future of food in an overpopulated world which has consumed all it’s recourses.

    Overall your ideas are cohesive and I love the different elements of your project. I think you’re well on your way to a good and successful digital artefact, and I’m keen to see where you take it! Best of luck!

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  4. Lia March 30, 2021 / 3:04 am

    This project looks incredible. You show clearly how you’re applying future thinking research into the topic of food and how you’ll be applying this into a creative and unique digital artefact.

    I like how you clearly articulate that the project will be informed by existing research done on the future of food and the past trends, since both are critical to future thinking which you’ve linked clearly with reference to Csicsery-Ronay’s concept of ‘future history’ and Suvin’s ‘novum’. Specifying that you’ll be thinking about the next ten years of food by also looking at the past ten years articulates this concept really well. You also extend your research to include nutrition and environmental trends, showing different avenues of future thinking that can be applied to other related fields. This book ‘Balancing on a Planet: The Future of Food and Agriculture’ ( might be another useful source for more insights.

    Clearly the background and existing research to this field is well established and conceptualised through respected sources, and you touched on looking at trends in the media as well. This would be an interesting avenue to explore more speculative ideas about food in the future, including how past media envisioned their future food. Some ideas for your Fortune Feed (which I’m sure you already have many!) could be making meals from popular shows or movies as well as based on your research of future food, which could either be as a comment on how food was shown in media at the time, or a look at how they might’ve predicted food in the future, depending on the media source. This is the main concept of Binging with Babish on YouTube and these videos with dinner from WandaVision ( and Bachelor Chow from Futurama ( are particularly relevant to your project as well.

    The way that you link the subject material, existing research and creative DA project is really well done! Keen to see what you create.

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  5. Charlea Schembri March 31, 2021 / 5:05 am

    Hey Bella!
    Firstly I would like you commend you on what I think is a very strong digital artefact idea. I like how you have decided to utilise your past DA, needing a feeding. I think your decision to turn to the work of Professor Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, and his third beauty “future history” is a great anchor to the lecture material and strengthens the overall cohesiveness of your DA.

    I do feel however that you have not chosen the most effective platform for your feedback loops. While needing a feeding does have an audience, I feel Tik Tok will be a much more effective means of gathering feedback. Tik Tok has one of the most amazing algorithms I’ve ever seen and even without hashtags, this platform will feed your food videos to the audience of interest without you even trying to propel it. I think this will open up the most conversation on your research for future food.

    Tik Tok has a very big food culture, in fact I think it would be interesting for you to explore the effects of social media on influencing diet in audiences. Baked feta pasta was a large, viral sensation on Tik Tok recently and to emphasises the virality of this food trend check this article below which details Finland stores selling out of feta as a result of this trend:

    To return to Csicsery-Ronay’s ‘future history’, you could harvest concepts from science fiction and link them to the nature of these trends and the nature of food in the social media landscape. Prevalent sci-fi concepts like surveillance and dehumanisation would be relevant to your topic. I would argue that viral food trends could potentially subliminally dictate our tastes and diet in the future. There is a large community for eating disorders on TikTok, this article describes how content blurs the line between ED recovery and pro‐ED content on TikTok, this could be linked to surveillance in which people growing more willing to disclose intimate details online in relation to health and diet.

    I’ll be sure to follow your project! I’m very interested and keen to watch it unfold! I’ll be on teh lookout for your release of video essay 1!

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  6. britmanning April 1, 2021 / 1:49 am

    Hi Bella!

    What a cool concept – l absolutely LOVE food haha so I am so excited to follow along.

    I really appreciate how you initially recognise that youtube doesn’t offer that much analytics for a feedback loop, I think an instagram is a great idea – I highly recommend utilising the new reel features on instagram as well as stories! Stories are such an easy way for followers to get involved – even weekly questionnaires or polls will allow you to receive that feedback loop.

    Honestly the future of eating is something i have never considered before and through research and listening to your DA pitch, i believe it is something we all should consider and be aware of! The Future of Food in 2050 is a blog series that deep dives into the future of food. With subheadings and images, the blog was super easy to follow and I definitely think you should give it a read! It offers insights into nutrition and well as the future of agriculture.'s%20population,increase%20in%20production%20by%202050.

    I also loved read this article – 12 Fascinating Foods of the Future, published in 2017. It was cool to note how many of these foods listed has become a reality now. This is a blog post style also – really easy to follow.

    I love that you are incorporating cooking segments within your videos and posts. This is a fun way to keep the audience entertained and encourage others to cook. Considering the current pandemic and the platform you are using (Youtube), your content has the opportunity to reach a large scale of people world-wide. Incorporating these cooking segments will be a great way for those experiencing a lockdown to get involved. Perhaps dedicating recipes on your Instagram or youtube to these large groups of people (those in lockdown) could further be a good way to engage with your audience and focus on this concept of the future?

    Overall awesome DA and I look forward to following along!


  7. gracemaryb April 1, 2021 / 12:00 pm

    Hi Bella! I really enjoyed listening to your pitch video. You have gathered a really interesting and unique topic idea that many would not think of. I appreciate the idea you have of using YouTube and Instagram as a social media platform for your DA. I do agree that one platform is definitely not as effective as two and considering Instagram is such a popular social media space, it will be something to consider with my own personal DA moving forward. I am extremely intrigued to follow along with your Instagram cooking reels as this is a creative way to give insight and engage others into the concept, “The Future of Food”. I believe your DA concept links to week 2’s lecture of ‘Space Odysseys’ and the predictions of space food. I would love to see some research into the production processes of food and how it will change in the future?

    Some other questions I would possibly ask are:
    What technologies could be invented to help the production and manufacturing of future food processes?
    What already existing technologies could be changed/modified to help future production processes of food?
    How will the environment play a role in future food?

    I would like to suggest an article by Christopher McFadden written in 2018, he talks about 11 Innovations That Could Build the Food of the Future:
    He mentions the adoptions of technologies such as 3D printing, lab-grown meat, robo chefs, the blockchain. According to McFadden, “vertical farming and cellular culturing could see agriculture and animal husbandry (for food) extinct” (McFadden, 2018). This could link into your topic for the third video essay, “Environmental Projections”.

    In your public utility brief statement, you mentioned two implications including short-term and long-term goals. In regards to your short term goal, you talk about wanting to encourage audiences eating habits for the future. I think you could go into more depth, what in particular regarding their eating habits?. I would link this to your second video essay topic on “Nutritional Feeds” as you could talk about the future of nutritional changes and answer questions such as, will 2030 food be engineered to be more nutritious?. I came across an article by Dr Stuart Farrimond written in May 2019, on The future of food: what we’ll eat in 2028:
    He talks about the interesting topic of tailoring foods to your genome in the future of 2028 and relies on science based facts to develop his hypothesis. He believes, “In the next 10 years, the emerging field of ‘personalised nutrition’ will use genetic tests to fill in those gaps to offer healthy eating guidance tailored to the individual.”

    Another topic you could bring up throughout your DA is the future use of foods being used as natural remedies in medicine to cure patients. For example, numerous studies found that nutrients and plant compounds in berries combat disease:

    Overall, I love your concept and look forward to following along with your Instagram cooking page and your video essays seeing what research you come access and interesting discoveries you may find.

    Thanks, G


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