Will 2030 Taste Beta?

Check out my the first video in my series “Less Meat for 2030? + Black Bean Patty Recipe” and my black bean patty recipe Tik Tok.

Moving forward from my beta I have two final videos and two accompanying Tik Toks to film. The topic on these will be the future of food waste and food delivery leading up to the year 2030. 

In order to produce these two videos I have decided to slightly alter my production timeline as aspects such as producing a script and making the Tik Tok took a shorter amount of time than expected while editing the youtube video took longer than anticipated. This will also allow me to receive feedback from this beta video so I can alter my final videos as I see fit, in order to operate in a feedback loop. 

12 thoughts on “Will 2030 Taste Beta?

  1. lorenafarreras May 11, 2021 / 7:07 am

    Hi Bella! I think you have taken greats step in ideation to improve your project since the pitch, I really admire your ability to think about things dynamically and quickly implement feedback into your videos!

    In regards to your tiktok, I think the engagement on your video proves that you are doing something right, and your video is entertaining to watch! I would suggest bringing it back to the future cultures subject matter further as this appears to be the platform where you are gaining the most traction, it will be of a greater influence to your audience. Some ways you could go about this are having fun facts or statistics related to the future of food throughout your video, or providing your audience with a qotd which also increases engagement. Another option would be to have some short infographic type videos which explore the stats more. You could also use the idea of recreating food in scifi films as this would be trendy and seems to be the sort of video that would appeal to tiktok users.

    Although your youtube video didnt have the level of engagement you desired, I still think it to be a valuable part of your da. Promoting your video on other platforms such as the bcm twitter feed, discord, reddit or even your own tiktok would be a good start to driving existing audience traffic to your channel. I also recommend you research a little into the youtube algorithm, as there are lots of things you could be doing within the app itself. Here’s a helpful link that discusses some of those factors! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXfdvlvtW6Y

    As for your overall topic, I think you have very solid foundations and a good understanding of the subject. Your reference of the seven beauties of science fiction is a great recourse, perhaps you could look more at discussing those things like the covid eating patterns you mentioned in tiktok videos?

    Best of luck with your project! xx


  2. michaelashales May 12, 2021 / 8:51 am

    Hey Bella! I really like that your DA is active on 2 different platforms youtube and tiktok. I agree with the others’ feedback and also encourage you to post more on tiktok and continue engaging with those people that liked and followed your page from your first video. I found an article that explains 3 secrets to increase your engagement rate on tiktok https://influencermarketinghub.com/increasing-engagement-rate-on-tiktok/ The first point accentuates how important the first 3 seconds of the video are “if you are able to engage the user within that first 3 seconds, the watch time and completion rates are likely to be higher”. For example, I see a lot of food tiktoks start off the video with the end product or even taking a bite of the food. Maybe these do really well because people like seeing the end product? This could be something for you consider, while also working out a way to include the future cultures topic as well.

    I really like your point about how we can explain the future by what is powerful in the present. It is similar to a quote I found in my own research where Alvin Toffler (1970) states “Futurists do not ignore the present”. Both these argue how important it is to understand what is happening in the present and from that we are able to make assumptions about what trends might happen in the future. I found another article that predicts some food trends in 2025 https://www.delish.com/food/a30676238/food-trends-next-decade/ A predicted trend is having companies make certain foods that are to be specifically consumed after doing an activity. Lynch (2020) says that “part of the continuing trend toward functional everything: I want everything I consume to do something for me”. Hope this helps in some way and good luck with the rest of your DA! I look forward to seeing your tiktoks on my FYP 🙂


  3. Allen's blog May 24, 2021 / 6:24 am

    Hey Bella! I am really happy to see that you find a better platform for your DA project which is TikTok, it is really important to choose the appropriate platform for the project. However, I do suggest that you can make some post on Reddit(food/cooking channel) because people who discuss the topic deeper so you will have a chance to make further discussion at there. I admit it is really easy to get more views and likes for your video, people will easily forget about your video content and go for the next one since tiktok is a short video platform. Although you might have more views and likes, it is hard for you to get useful feedbacks from tiktok.

    As we all know, food resources is limit and maybe in one day we will run out of it. I am curious about the content of your next video and see some bigger prediction of food in the future.

    This link might be helpful for you: https://www.afoodieworld.com/foods-future-summit/2018-07-28-5-types-of-foods-we-will-be-eating-in-2030

    (Black beans patties looks delicious !!)


  4. charleaschembri May 25, 2021 / 6:20 am

    Hey Bella!
    I really love your Digital Artefact idea. I think it is so relevant, engaging and I am so glad you’re utilising TikTok because I love bite-sized recipe videos. I agree with your concern with connecting your TikTok videos to the future Cultures DA. Currently, they are present recipes and diet that will positively affect the future if people implement them into their lives today. I think it is going to take far too much effort to try and get traction on your youtube videos so it would be great to see you do a segment on TikTok where you make future foods from movies. This will open speculation in the comment section from viewers and you will be able to view and participate in the discourse of future foods. Then that way, when a relevant comment is made you could use the “duet” option on TikTok and provide more information that is explicitly about your research into the future of food.
    This link is to a similar TikTok account that remakes food seen in Disney movies https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSJayujAL/. You could recreate the bowl of mush from the Matrix but actually make it appetising.

    Also, video format-wise, https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSJayWSo1/ this TikTok account is one I’ve been watching since it started and you can notice his views skyrocket when he changes the format of his videos to be ASMR, organic beat videos. I think because these TikTok’s are so short you want to keep the audience captivated so they don’t scroll.

    One idea you could explore is in the book Oryx and Crake (Margaret Atwood), in which they genetically modified chickens to be legless, wingless, featherless, boneless, and had no physical wants or needs other than to be fed. What’s even scarier is the “Clean Meat” initiative, in which steak can be grown from animal cells in a petri dish. You could potentially cook a steak dish for a TikTok and do a voice-over about the prospect of clean meat and ask for people’s thoughts? (It Will be interesting to see the response from vegetarians and vegans).

    Overall, your DA is coming together so well! I’m so impressed by your idea and absolutely love watching the cooking videos.
    Good luck with the project! I’m keen to see the final results.


  5. ameliaraffo May 29, 2021 / 4:01 pm

    Hi Bella!
    I’ve been following your DA since your pitch and it has really progressed and grown! It’s great that you are utilising tik tok as you have received great engagement and many views for the content you have created. As for your youtube, although it may not be getting a lot of engagement, I really enjoyed watching your video and found it very informative! If you are looking to gain more engagement, I would definitely suggest sharing your videos to other platforms such as Twitter or Reddit.

    For your Tik Tok, I think it would be great to include the subject material as it’s where you are getting the most interaction. Although it made be difficult to provide so much information in a 1min video, throughout your recipe videos, you could pose questions and facts to the audience about food consumption in the future or provide inspiration to individuals who may be looking to shift their current eating habits. Depending on what kind of message you want to get across or who you are trying to keep engaged, it’s important the videos keep the audience interested within the first few seconds which is highlighted in this article I came across https://markerly.com/blog/3-tips-to-increase-engagement-on-tiktok/.

    In your first Youtube video, you outlined the impacts of meat consumption on climate change and if humans changed their eating habits to more plant based, it could help in reducing carbon emissions which will help reduce the rising temperatures. In ‘Reconceptualising Futures: a Need and a Hope,’ Elenora Masini discussed how the visions of a desirable future are embedded in the social structures from which they emerge. You could relate this to your content creation as well as many other tik tok pages dedicated to healthy, meat-free and easy cooking that are dedicated to influencing and educating individuals to take into consideration their habits and potentially changing them for the better. Which you can also relate to your information regarding the predications of meat consumption decreasing due to more plant based foods being produced and therefore more people shifting and inclined to buy as it becomes more popular and widely available.

    Lastly, it’s great that you have adjusted your content schedule to take on the feedback you receive from your BETA and implement in your final videos for your DA. Looking forward to seeing the rest!


  6. britmanning May 30, 2021 / 7:16 am

    Hey Bella!

    Loving keeping up to date with your DA – you have clearly taken on board the feedback from your peers and are implementing this within your DA which is great to see. Im really enjoying the visuals and aesthetic of your filming (tik toks and youtube videos) and believe this plays a critical role in the success and engagement of your content – keep up the good work!

    I’m not surprised to hear that Tik Tok is generating more engagement then youtube. Did you know that tik tok generates the highest engagement for users then any other social media platform? the quick videos and easy flick through makes the app easy for anyone to use and, for some reason, gives users more amo to like, comment and watch videos. The reason I say this is because i believe Tik Tok is certainly the way to progress your DA. You mentioned this idea of not being able to portray this “future” aspect as much on tik tok rather than Youtube – this makes total sense! Like mentioned, captions is a great way to explain this concept to users. As well as this, perhaps every second video you upload could give more context and information to users rather then recipes. For example, Thursday Facts videos could be a concept you introduce where you talk to the camera about the future of food.

    You make clear connections to our BCM325 readings and lectures – this is great to see. I really like that you have clear connotations to 2030 and you are using this reading as a means to explain waste of food to your audience.

    Overall I am thoroughly enjoying your DA and will certainly keep updated as it progresses!


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