Comment Insights

Hayden’s Sustainable Footprint

Hayden’s DA concept is a look at humanities impact on the environment, and what effect human consumption will have in 10 years time on biodiversity. 

I firstly recommended a Twitter account by the UN, as I believed it would be helpful to see how an organisation can address a similar topic within this medium. This would provide inspiration for formatting, embedded media and language. 

I noticed the pitch did not address lecture material so I linked in “The Seven Beauties of Science” (2008) specifically the chapter “future history”. Since my DA is similar in some of its theme of sustainability and humans future choices, I found this particular chapter useful in my research, as it helps me to address how current research and knowledge can be applied to our future predictions.

I believe I could have commented in more detail on the possible short and long term implications of his DA, as his topic would cover this really effectively but it was not specifically addressed in the pitch.

Caitlyn’s All Things Beauty

Caitlyn’s DA focuses on the future of beauty, specifically how it will affect individuals, beauty companies and movie producers.

While the first source I offered Caitlyn is useful, it is not particularly detailed so it may only be useful as a talking point and not a research focus. It would have been more beneficial to recommend a resource that could have addressed a few of her chosen topics across the DA. 

Lecture discussions were not specifically addressed in the pitch, so I recommended the discussions surrounding Darko Suvin. His specific notion of “parabolic indirection” would assist her future studies, as when she speculates about the future she is basing it on how it will be different from today’ standard. This also reflected my own DA as I am comparing today’s advice, trends and conditions to my prediction of 2030.

I recommended that Caitlyn created a schedule as she did not have a production timeline yet. It would have also been helpful if I had suggested a possible “cut-off” week for when she should decide whether or not to create a fourth video. 

Amelia’s Where Art Thou in the Future

Amelia’s DA looks at the future of art specifically exhibits, museums and galleries, and how it will evolve with VR and AR. 

My first recommendation while interesting, after reflecting on it I realise that it is not particularly useful to the DA focus as it is an example of current tech, not a link to future tech. Instead, I should have recommended an example that was closer to VR or AR.

The source “Imagine a Good Day”–Bertrand de Jouvenel’s Idea of Possible Futures in the Context of Fictitious and Historical Narratives’ is particularly useful for both of our DA in reference to COVID. As our current experience has demonstrated how COVID can affect and alter our present procedures, it alters the way we look at the future as we have already been shown how rapid change can take place.

I am satisfied with my last recommendation being specifically for her DA creation, as I think this is an area that she could experiment with in order to compliment her DA topic. By providing her with this feedback and a link to a source that demonstrated how to embed this, I believe this was practical and straightforward feedback.   

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