Cooking with Cooking Mama Pitch

A study conducted by Lurpak for their “Game On, Cooks” campaign revealed that British people spend more time a week consuming ‘food media’ instead of actually cooking . Although people said they wanted to cook, many said it was “too complicated”, “too expensive” or being “too busy”.

Van Ryn’s “Gestural Economy and Cooking Mama: Playing With the Politics of Natural User Interfaces” point out that while Cooking Mama shares similar content to other food media (such as TV and social media), it is different in the sense that it relies on “effect action under pressure”. This allows the player’s attention to be on the rhythm of play, instead of what is represented. 

The casual style of gaming described explores the “playing” in everyday life, which can include care of self. By focusing video games on a particular area of life such as a hobby, players can become more interested outside of the game. A 2018 report by Qutee showed the many hobbies or careers that players became interested in from gaming. Therefore a hobby such as cooking can be supported and reflected in the gaming community. 

From the Lurpak study previously discussed, it is clear that audiences want to consume food media, but do not necessarily believe they have the means to create it. This is where “Needing A Feeding” comes in, by applying my original utility to content such as recreating Cooking Mama videos. My main audience on this account is female users aged 18-24, which I believe will help to reflect the players who may have played the game on their DS when they were younger.


SWNS Digital (2016) “Brits Spend More Time Watching Food Than They Do Cooking It!” Digital Hub

Qutee (2018) “Gaming and You: A report by Qutee on how gamers view the personal and social impact of gaming” Qutee Data Report

Van Ryn, L (2013) “Gestural Economy and Cooking Mama: Playing With the Politics of Natural User Interfaces” Scan Journal of Media Arts Culture, Vol. 11, No.2

14 thoughts on “Cooking with Cooking Mama Pitch

  1. weng, yidi September 7, 2020 / 11:25 am

    I love your project very much, Because I like to use switch to play games, I saw this game when I went to EBGAMES today. Before watching your video, I always thought it was just a mobile game of cooking and earning money, like cooking fever. Now I know that this game cooks various foods in accordance with the instructions of the titular “mama”. I found an article about the five benefits of playing cooking games. As mentioned in the article, playing cooking games can unlock new recipes in reality. When I saw your Instagram, I also had this idea. Maybe I can follow your menu in my free time to try some new recipes. Maybe in the next production process, you can list a recipe that is about the same dishes in the game, but the taste or appearance is not like the dishes in the game. Maybe put it in reddit, it will make people feel interesting and try it with you. Love your project and look forward to more food videos and pictures from you!

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  2. aliciamcfadden September 10, 2020 / 6:53 am

    This post has unlocked a memory I didn’t even know I had of playing this game when I was younger! I think this is a very interesting idea, but I know that I have seen videos of this concept done before and those people struggled with finding out the measurements of each ingredient when trying to recreate the recipes. I found this site which might be helpful for some of the recipes from the game , though as I said many are missing the precise measurements needed. A suggestion I would make for your project would be that you could compare ‘Cooking Mama’s’ recipes to another cooking game’s recipes such as ‘Cooking simulator 2019’ or ‘What is cooking? With Jamie Oliver’ and see which has better recipes to follow off-screen or is more realistic a game when playing in terms of comparing it with your own experiences cooking the recipes in real life. I found this study which I thought might interest you as it actually looks at ‘Cooking Mama’ specifically and discusses how simulation games, like cooking games, create challenges that are likely to make the player experience physical presence, which would go well with your idea. Here is a link to it .I hope some of this is useful to you, can’t wait to see your DA in the coming weeks.


  3. paige sutton September 10, 2020 / 9:22 am

    Hi Bella! This pitch idea is so iconic and is an amazing use of the course concepts by linking how gaming can have long term personal & social effects. Cooking mama on the DS definitely fueled my love of food and it’s where I learned how to dice an onion!
    The nostalgic visuals of this game bring back the memories and experiences of the game for me. As you discuss how Cooking Mama can influence future life skills, the nostalgia of this game kept the association strong enough with me to bring it into my adulthood; as games can “carry with them associations with childhood, technology and technological change” ( This might be something interesting to look into as most of us played this game quite young.

    This 2015 study looks at the increased involvement of adolescents who played sports video games and real-life sports (,sports%20over%20the%20three%20years.). While you are looking at cooking and more hobby related/lifestyle skills, this article shows that there is a distinct link between video gameplay, improved self-esteem, and real-life activity. They found a “long-term predictive effect of sports video gameplay on increased involvement in real-life sports over the 3 years”. Self-esteem and lack of food knowledge could be a key factor in the lack of at-home cooking.

    I thought this was a really cohesive pitch idea with such an amazing social utility. As a follower since first year, I really commend how you were able to continue with your existing Instagram DA and gave yourself an opportunity to expand your content and engage with this subject’s material.

    Awesome job!


  4. Josephine Doyle September 11, 2020 / 3:47 am

    Awesome pitch Bella! Critically analysing the Cooking Mama game series by physically cooking is a really cool application of your learning and getting to incorporate your personal interests into this task is so good. I think it’s such a creative idea and it’s great that you can utilise the Needing a Feeding platform you’ve already created! In a similar way, I’m applying my interest in UI design to explore how colour psychology affects a player’s experience in puzzle mobile games . Perhaps you could also explore how the pressure of performing cooking tasks for a desired outcome in Cooking Mama is enhanced by the colour choice of the game designer as part of your critical analysis? Great use of linking to all of your resources! I found that this article was a great place for me to understand some of the basic real-life skills acquired in video games such as strategy and social interaction . It seems like the Lurpak study aligns really well with your pre-existing DA where you’ve targeted students who are time poor and inexperienced cooks just like Lurpak found many people said cooking was “too complicated” or they were “too busy”. I also think the 2015 study ‘Action Video Game Training for Cognitive Enhancement’ would be relevant to your analysis as the findings explore a “learning to learn” framework where it was found that learning new skills in a game doesn’t necessarily teach us the game-specific skills but equips us to more quickly learn all new skills . As I was researching Cooking Mama, I found there was some controversy surrounding its use as a cryptocurrency mining tool which is another application to the real world where actual money is involved which you can read more about here . I feel as though your critical analysis could also be compared to flight simulators which are game technology used as legitimate training for pilots to fly in the real world. Again, great pitch Bella and I look forward to seeing how this project unfolds!


  5. chounguyenx November 8, 2020 / 5:46 am

    This creative topic, I think, is unique and can be regarded as time-specific as well as relevant and grows enthusiasm of audiences for applying gaming in their daily courses of life. The post has drawn to the core area of the necessity of taking cooking lightly, instead of applying too much pressure on the functions. Thus, the topic has manifested this basic idea in highly contextual ways, I believe. This research, clearly, offers a motivation for focusing on recreation of different recipes from the game, which might not always be successful, but produces significant experience in cooking through gaming. Furthermore, I found this valuable suggestion of applying basic real-life-skills like social interaction and strategic fit from video games in practical life. However, I presume that this post perhaps may come up with enhanced specificity on learning new skills from a game and applying those in daily life courses in future. This post helped me learning social utilities of gaming and some of the necessary approaches of applying such utilities in practical perspective of cooking. I also got out from this experience the significance of taking the challenge of cooking game.


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